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Melarie Odelusi

"Even as a woman at 35 this book and its message speak to me. Children need to hear this story... It's important to share narratives for women and children of color."

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Kayla Craig

"We have so much to learn from our kids. They allow us to tap in, wonder, and question. This [book] is an opportunity to see that beauty within ourselves, through our children."

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"An uplifting, rhyming picture book offering food for the soul."

-- Kirkus Reviews

"An evergreen topic of one family’s coping, with sweet illustrations."

-- School Library Journal

"Keeping this book handy for those days when your child turns to you for advice and you’re at a loss for words."

-- Rhea - @rheamendezona

"A fun metaphor for transforming your mood, A Spoonful of Faith is Jena’s playful rendition of turning comfort food into soul food."

-- Anna - @never_withouta_book

"I love this story! I thought it was so sweet how Laylas mom helped her feel okay about going to school by whipping up a recipe of God’s love. ❤️"

-- Annie F. Downs Mini Bff Book Club - @minibffbookclub

"It serves as a beautiful nudge to keep the faith and to trust in God! We can turn a bad day around into a good one! A great message for the little ones 💖"

-- Lex - @lex_withthe_text

"I love that this book focuses not only on a mother and child bond but that GOD is the true source of where our hope is."

-- Dani - @onemorebookmama

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